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Features - Lyte Protein



Our manufacturer in Australia boast a world class facilities to ensure our products are made in a highest and strictest standards

Carefully sourced superfoods are added into our blend to provide a nutritionally-densed formula

Blend with pea protein isolate and sprouted brown rice, superfoods blend has a high protein content of 24g protein

Superfoods blend comes in 6g complete amino acid profile to ensure your body get the full amino acid you deserve.

Our ingredients used are all plant based & free from heavy metals like leads and mercury to produce the healthiest & cleanest products for you.

Superfoods blend are considered hypoallergenic, which mean it is suitable for anyone who are not able to tolerate diary, soy, or milk


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    27 reviews
    Best tasting vegan protein

    Been ordering from Lyteprotein for months now, fast delivery and good vegan protein that taste good won't make you feel bloated . The best free sample i receive from lyteprotein was the almond butter it was so good!

    Great stuff

    Taste great, thanks

    Perfect product

    Strangely, proteins of any types usually are difficult to digest for me. I have tried many type, including other vegan options. This one is the onl one I digest well. And great taste !

    Good taste

    Very tasty Protein Powder! Highly Recommend for Vegans!

    Yes from the Vegan workout duo

    We love the flavours and this is really great product with great price. Kudos~