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Features - Lyte Protein



Our manufacturer in Australia boast a world class facilities to ensure our products are made in a highest and strictest standards

Carefully sourced superfoods are added into our blend to provide a nutritionally-densed formula

Blend with pea protein isolate and sprouted brown rice, superfoods blend has a high protein content of 24g protein

Superfoods blend comes in 6g complete amino acid profile to ensure your body get the full amino acid you deserve.

Our ingredients used are all plant based & free from heavy metals like leads and mercury to produce the healthiest & cleanest products for you.

Superfoods blend are considered hypoallergenic, which mean it is suitable for anyone who are not able to tolerate diary, soy, or milk


    Let customers speak for us

    35 reviews
    LyteProtein - Dark Chocolate (1.6lbs)
    Viktor D. (Singapore, SG)
    Delivery troubles

    Advertised as 3 day delivery, 8 days later still no sign on my order, the tracking stopped working too.
    Maybe a good product, but poor delivery partner!

    LyteProtein - French Vanilla (1.6lbs)
    Darren Argyle (Singapore, SG)
    Great taste

    Love the taste, not too sweet and the texture remains light after blending with fruit and oats. Highly recommended 😀

    LyteProtein Superfood - Sample Pack
    Krystyn (Singapore, SG)
    Too sweet with aftertaste

    Though I am not a fan of sweetener (plant-based & artificial), I was tempted to try due to its high protein and BCCA. I bought the sample packs (all contained stevia). Unfortunately, all 3 flavours are too sweet for me and have an aftertaste. Maybe come up with one without added sweetener since vanilla is naturally sweet ☺️ I took out 1 star cause of the stevia, otherwise the rest are perfect!

    Delicious, easy to digest

    I've been buying from Lyteprotein a few times. The protein powders are tasty and I don't have problems digesting them. Will continue to reorder.

    LyteProtein - French Vanilla (1.6lbs)
    Rebeca Lau (Singapore, SG)

    Not in packet. In loose packet. Prefer new pack not sample pack as hard to keep