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5 Benefits of Vegan Protein Shakes for Women

Posted by Okendo Collaborator on
5 Benefits of Vegan Protein Shakes for Women | LyteProtein

Hey everybody! You would probably be here to take some nutritional advice which might be relevant to the question “Should women be taking protein powder?” So, sit back and continue reading because this post is a complete guide to protein for women.


We have done our research on this topic and came across with five of the most common questions women usually ask about protein.


 1) "Will it make me bulky?"

So, the first question is “Will it make me bulky?" That’s probably the most common question and the answer is No! It will not make you bulky if you take protein powder. Women don’t have the testosterone. The muscle mass you build largely depends on whether you physically trained with lifting weights. If you’re just toning and doing physical exercise everyday – let’s say running, and all of that stuff – and you take a protein powder, it’s definitely not going to bulk you up. It helps support lean muscles that help create a toned, curvaceous body. It’s great for recovery and repairing after your workout.


 2) Hunger is real..

The second question is “Will it help control my hunger?” Absolutely! Consuming protein with each meal actually helps keep you fuller, stabilize your blood sugar, which is a good thing. So, instead of reaching for fat free muffing, think about eating eggs, chicken or fish. Some kind of lean protein and maybe a quick protein shake.


 3) Did someone say... meal replacement!?

Now, the third question is “Can I use this as a meal replacement?” So, if you’re too rushed to make a healthy meal, that’s when a protein shake comes in really handy.  Think about adding some source of a vegetable, maybe one to two fruits, and some kind of healthy fat along with the protein powder. You can easily get 20g of protein with that missed meal.


 4) Nobody likes Tina the talking tummy!

The fourth question is “Does it help with fat loss?” Absolutely! Using protein shakes as an occasional meal replacement may help you lose more weight and fat, along with a low calorie diet. It’s only recommended to only replace one meal a day with a protein shake. Your other meals should consist of clean, whole foods, consisting of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables.


 5) Alternatives for individual pursuing veganism

Our final question is “Will it help me now that I’ve become a vegan?” So, people who are pursuing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle eliminate a number of common proteins from their diets including beef, chicken, fish, and eggs. So, by adding in a protein drink on a daily basis will help you get that daily protein intake that your body needs, especially if you’re active and after a workout.


For people who are maybe not quite sure if they want to add protein powder into their diet, why not take this opportunity to try out Lyte Protein! Our protein powder are 100% raw plant based and best of all it is dairy free incase you are lactose intolerant. Our plant protein powder comes with 3 flavors and all of them are enriched with superfoods like maca powder for the extra energy to keep your body going further and chia seeds for the macro-nutrients your body deserve. So come on now and give Lyte Protein a try, we are absolutely sure you won't regret it!

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37 reviews
Tastes good, easy to digest

Finally, a chocolate protein powder that tastes good and doesn’t make me bloat.

LyteProtein - French Vanilla (1.6lbs)
PL Paul (Singapore, SG)

Good taste. Not too sweet.

LyteProtein - French Vanilla (1.6lbs)
Yi Wei Lee (Singapore, SG)
Try it, it’s gentle on the stomach :))

I have not had protein powder for some time. So I was not sure how my body would take it.
Got it cos it is vegan and non dairy ..
Indeed it is easy on my stomach. Initially felt it’s slightly sweeter. So I reduced the amount of water, and it tastes just fine!! I passed some to my friend to try, and she likes them too!! Thank you!!

Very good, mix well

Good taste, and mix well !
I have 2 weeks subscription.

Used to order protein bars but they ran out of stock. perfect right after gym to replenish your glycogen

LyteProtein - French Vanilla (1.6lbs)
Darren Argyle (Singapore, SG)
Great taste

Love the taste, not too sweet and the texture remains light after blending with fruit and oats. Highly recommended 😀