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Pregnancy - LyteProtein

Should you or should you not..

Is it safe using protein powder during pregnancy? Is it beneficial? Our team have done a research on it and in this article you’ll find the answers to these questions and much more.

Protein powders and shakes are extremely popular these days. They’re convenient, filling and nutritious. So, it’s not astonishing that people love to have it after the gym or in breakfast. When you’re a pregnant woman and also exhausted, it’s not surprising that you’re querying yourself if they’re going to be a desired solution. There’s no hard and fast rule on this but… what’s the risk? continue reading…

Is Taking Protein Powder during Pregnancy Safe?

First of all, it’s necessary to keep in mind that during pregnancy these so called “high protein diets” aren’t recommended. Daily eating plans which include excessive amount of protein and not enough healthy carbohydrates or fats can be dangerous for your baby.

Second thing is that, eating plans with high dose of amino acid supplements are also not recommended during pregnancy because there is a lack of research on the safety of amino acid supplementation.

Now the third thing is, most of the protein powders contain additives such as caffeine, sweeteners and vitamins which aren’t advised to intake during pregnancy, so it’s important that you read the label before use.

However, taking one protein shake in a single day, if it’s a brand that is safe and no such minerals and vitamins that will compete with your current nutritional supplements are added in it, should be Okay. I recommend, you should double check the brand with your prenatal dietitian, and stick to a maximum of one per day.

So.. how much protein do I need during my pregnancy phase?

A woman which is not pregnant requires about 45g of protein every day, but a woman who is pregnant needs about 70g of protein daily. So, it is clearly a lot more. You’re going to be one of those people in the supermarket who’s looking at things and thinking how many grams of protein does this have, ‘cause it really, really matters for you’.

Now, you would probably be thinking why you need protein during pregnancy. The number one reason, protein is actually very helping the baby’s brain develop. This is key and it happens from the time that the baby is a tiny, tiny embryo.

Another reason, muscle development on the part of the baby and you. As soon as that baby is out of you, they’re going to be starting to develop their muscles, and sooner or later, holding their head up and doing these other miraculous things like flipping over and in order to do that, the baby needs muscle. You meanwhile, are using less of your muscles, than you did before you got pregnant, because inevitably, later in your pregnancy, you’re exercising less. You want to keep that protein up to keep your muscles strong, so that you’ll get back to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

The third thing that protein does is actually, it helps to boost the immune system. People think about Vitamin C as being the main thing that does this, but actually protein does as well and it’s much easier for pregnant women to digest.

Your take home message..

So, as the old saying goes, it is always best to take things in moderation.

However, If you’re having trouble thinking what kind of protein you should take and from what sources, we suggest you can mix our superfoods blend plant based protein powder with plant based milk in the morning to get you through the day. However, we do strongly encourage you to get your protein through food too. 

*If you are unsure or considering starting a supplement then you should discuss this with your GP and Accredited Sports Dietitian.


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